How to remove password from PST file - A Complete Guide

Dec 20, 2023 | By Deepak Singh Bisht

If you're an avid user of MS Outlook, you're familiar with how it uses PST files to store all your essential emails, contacts, and calendar events. To ensure the security of your sensitive information, MS Outlook offers an option to password-protect your PST files. It's a smart move to prevent unauthorized access, but what if you forget the password?

Don't fret; forgetting your PST password isn't the end of the world. Although you'll need to remove the password to access your data, it can be a bit tricky if you're unfamiliar with the process. So, here we are with a detailed guide that will teach you how to remove PST password. Whether you've forgotten your password or just want to remove it from your PST files, this guide will cover all the bases.

How to remove password from PST?

Removing a password from a PST file can be done either manually or by using a PST password recovery tool. In this guide, we will explore both manual and third-party solutions to effectively remove the PST password, catering to different levels of technical expertise and user needs.

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How to remove PST password manually?

Now, let's delve into how we can manually remove a password from a PST file. If you're someone who enjoys hands-on processes and learning new tricks, you'll find these steps particularly interesting.

However, there's one thing to keep in mind before we get started. To employ these manual methods, you need to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer. So, if you're all set with that requirement, let's venture into the manual methods of PST password removal.

Method 1: Remove PST password using pst19upg.exe

The pst19upg.exe utility is a tool provided by Microsoft that was primarily used for upgrading the format of PST files in older versions of Outlook. A lesser-known feature of this utility is its ability to remove passwords from PST files. Here's how you can use it:

  1. Close MS Outlook
  2. Make a copy of the PST file
  3. Run SCANPST.exe and repair the PST copy
  4. After that, move the file to the pst19upg.exe location
  5. Open the command prompt
  6. Enter the location of the pst19upg.exe and hit Enter key
  7. Enter pst19upg.exe -x PSTFileCopy.pst and hit Enter key
  8. After that, it will create a new file PSTFileCopy.psx
  9. Rename the original PST file different name
  10. Enter pst19upg.exe -i PSTFileCopy.psx and hit Enter key
  11. After that, it will create a new file without any password.

Remember, this method is only applicable for older versions of Outlook (2002 and earlier). The pst19upg.exe utility may not be available or functional for newer versions of Outlook. Always ensure that you have backups of your PST files before attempting this procedure, as it involves significant modifications to the file structure.

Method 2: Remove password from PST using the Change password option

This method is suitable for users who know their current PST file password and want to remove it. The process involves using Microsoft Outlook's built-in options to change or remove the password from PST file. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch MS Outlook and go to the File tab
  2. Click Account Settings and choose the Account Settings option
  3. Click the Data Files tab and select the PST file
  4. After selecting PST, click the Settings option
  5. Click the Change Password button and enter your old password
  6. Leave the remaining fields blank and click the OK button.

This process will effectively remove the password from your PST file. From this point forward, you won't need to enter a password to access the contents of this PST file. It's a straightforward and safe method, as it doesn't involve any external tools.

Remember, if you've forgotten your PST password, Outlook cannot retrieve it. In this scenario, you need a third-party PST password recovery tool, which brings us to the next part of this guide.

Method 3: Remove forgotten password from PST file using the PST Password Recovery tool

The SysCurve PST Password Recovery tool is a powerful and user-friendly software designed to assist users in recovering or removing passwords from PST files without needing the original password. This tool is particularly useful for those who have lost or forgotten their PST file password. Below is a step-by-step guide extended from the original steps:

  1. Download and install the PST password removal tool
  2. Open the tool and click the Add File option
  3. Click on the Browse button and select PST file
  4. Click on the Browse button and provide a destination folder to save the unlocked PST file
  5. Click the Remove Password button to remove the PST password.

By following these steps, you can effectively remove the password from their PST file using the SysCurve PST Password Recovery tool, making it an invaluable resource for those who have forgotten their PST passwords.

Other helpful features

This tool isn't just for removing passwords from PST files. Here are some additional features it provides:

  • Remove PST password within a few steps
  • Preview the folder structure
  • Support Unicode and ANSI PST
  • Provide a free demo version
  • Support all versions of MS Outlook like 2010, 2013, 2016, etc.
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've forgotten my PST file password. Can I still remove it?

Absolutely! The SysCurve PST Password Recovery tool is designed specifically to help in such situations. You can use it to remove your forgotten PST file password quickly and conveniently.

Can the SysCurve PST Password Recovery tool handle multi-lingual character passwords?

Yes, the SysCurve PST Password Removal tool is equipped with an algorithm that can handle passwords containing multi-lingual characters.

Is Microsoft Outlook installation necessary for using the SysCurve tool?

No, the SysCurve PST Password Remover tool operates independently. You do not need to have Outlook installed to use this tool for removing passwords from PST files.

Can this tool remove passwords from large PST files?

Yes, the SysCurve Outlook PST Password Removal tool can remove passwords from large PST files, including those as big as 21GB. The file size does not limit its functionality.

What should I do if my PST file is corrupt?

The SysCurve PST Password Recovery tool requires a healthy PST file to work effectively. If your PST file is corrupt, you should first repair it using tools like SCANPST.exe before attempting to remove its password.

How secure is the SysCurve tool?

This tool prioritizes the security and integrity of your data. It does not modify the original content of your PST file while removing the password.

Are there any free alternatives for PST Password Removal?

Unfortunately, free tools for this purpose are rare. If you're seeking a no-cost solution and you know the existing password, the manual method in Outlook is the best option. If not, the SysCurve PST Password Recovery tool is the best choice.

What precautions should I take before manually removing a PST password?

Before attempting to remove a PST password manually, ensure you have a backup of your PST file. This precaution is crucial to prevent data loss in case of any errors during the process. Also, ensure that MS Outlook is not running when you perform manual changes to the PST file.

Can I remove a PST password manually without the original password?

Manually removing a PST password without the original password is not feasible through standard Outlook features. In such cases, you would need to use SysCurve PST password recovery tool.

Are manual methods suitable for all versions of MS Outlook?

Manual methods for removing PST passwords, such as using the 'Change Password' feature in Outlook, are available across various versions of Outlook. However, specific tools like pst19upg.exe are only applicable for older versions (Outlook 2002 and earlier).

The Final Word

In conclusion, the journey to remove PST file password need not be daunting. This guide has equipped you with straightforward methods and powerful tools like the SysCurve PST Password Recovery tool, simplifying what might seem like a complex process. Whether you're adept at manual adjustments or prefer the convenience of a software solution, you now have the knowledge to regain access to your essential Outlook data.

Remember, while password protection is vital for security, having the means to retrieve or remove these passwords is equally important. Tools like SysCurve are designed to cater to various scenarios, ensuring that you're never locked out of your PST files, no matter the situation.

So, take a deep breath and approach PST password issues with confidence, knowing you have the resources and guidance to handle them effortlessly. Your emails, contacts, and calendar events are now just a few steps away from being accessible again.

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