Refund Policy

SysCurve Software is a reputed software vendor in terms of refund policy. We provide 30 days money-back program on the entire product range. We respect customer requirements, and for us customer satisfaction is everything.

Every product of SysCurve Software comes with a free demo version. The free version gives the user a better understanding of our products like how it works, etc. So, before purchasing the full version, try the demo version first.

In case our product did not match your requirements, then please let us know. Our technical team will help you. In case the technical team failed to resolve the issue, then we will refund money.

How does the refund policy work?

For refund claim, you need to provide some evidence and valid reasons. Without any evidence, you will not get any refund. In case the tech team asks you to send the file, so you have to provide the file.

We understand the importance of data. In case of file sharing, if you want Non-Discloser Agreement (NDA) from our end, then we are ready to provide. But if you will not send your file, then you will not be eligible for a refund program. No refund will be given after 30 days. The refund policy program will work from the purchase date of the software.

Please follow the below-mentioned instructions for refund policy

  • Provide screenshots of the error that you are facing
  • Make a complete video of the conversion process
  • Send your file or provide remote access to check on your system

These things will help our tech team to understand and solve your problem. For file sending, use Google Drive service.

In the following cases, no refund will be applicable

  • If you no longer require the software
  • If you purchased the software from the wrong platform
  • If license processing is delayed
  • If you purchased the software with no prior intention
  • If you purchased the software without using the trial version
  • Lost or misdirected email
  • If software successfully recovered or migrated 40% of data
  • If you are using the incompatible computing environment
  • If the 30 days period is over

Note: In case our technical team or software failed to perform recovery or migration, then only purchase price (excluding shipping/ handling/ commission/ TAX) will be refunded.