How to Repair MTS Files - Step by Step Guide

Dec 25, 2023 | By Deepak Singh Bisht

Videos capture life's most cherished moments, and losing access to them due to file corruption can be a real blow. If you've been using Sony, Panasonic, or Canon cameras, you're probably familiar with the MTS file format, known for its high-resolution video storage capabilities. However, like any other digital file, MTS files are not immune to corruption. But there's hope!

In this post, we'll describe the causes of MTS file corruption. You will also learn how to repair MTS files. If you have any corrupted MTS video files, this post will help you.

What is an MTS file?

MTS files are a type of video file format known for their high definition content. Standing for "MPEG Transport Stream," MTS files are commonly associated with AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition), a format developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic in 2006. This format is widely used in digital camcorders and is favored for capturing high-quality video footage.

Characteristics of MTS files

High definition: MTS files are capable of storing high-resolution video, typically 720p or 1080p. This makes them ideal for recording detailed and clear video content.

File size: Due to their high resolution, MTS files tend to be larger in size compared to other standard definition video formats.

Usage in camcorders: Many high-definition camcorders, especially those manufactured by Sony and Panasonic, use the MTS file format for recording video. This format is especially popular in consumer-grade HD camcorders.

Compatibility and playback

MTS files can be played on various media players, but they are best suited for playback on devices and software that specifically support high-definition AVCHD format. Some popular media players that can handle MTS files include VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, and certain specialized video editing software. However, compatibility may vary, and in some cases, converting MTS files to a more universally recognized format like MP4 may be necessary for broader compatibility.

Editing and conversion

Editing software: MTS files can be edited using various video editing software. However, due to their large size and high resolution, powerful editing tools and a robust computer system are recommended for smooth editing.

Conversion: MTS files can be converted to other video formats like MP4, MOV, or AVI. This conversion can make the files more versatile for different uses, such as sharing online or playing on mobile devices. Conversion tools range from basic free software to more complex professional-grade applications.

MTS files are a significant format in the realm of high-definition video recording, particularly for users of consumer-grade camcorders. Their ability to capture detailed and high-quality footage makes them a preferred choice for many videography enthusiasts. Understanding the nature of MTS files, their uses, and how to handle them effectively is crucial for anyone involved in high-definition video production or editing.

Why do MTS files get corrupted?

Digital files, despite their precision and clarity, remain vulnerable to various external and internal factors. MTS files, the backbone for many high-resolution videos, are no exception. Understanding the reasons for their corruption can be the first step in preventive care and effective troubleshooting. Here's an in-depth look at some primary reasons behind MTS file corruption:

Sudden power outage: If you're editing an MTS file and the power goes out unexpectedly, the editing software might not save changes properly. This can corrupt the file. Using a backup power supply, like a UPS, can prevent this.

Incomplete file transfer: If you're moving an MTS file and the transfer stops suddenly because of connection problems, system crashes, or unplugging devices, the file can get corrupted.

Bad sectors on the hard drive: Hard drives can have damaged sections over time. If MTS files are saved there, they can become corrupt. Running regular disk checks helps avoid this.

Virus and malware attacks: Viruses can damage files and programs. If a virus affects an MTS file or the media player, the file might not play. Keeping your antivirus updated and browsing safely is essential.

Improper conversion of video files: Changing the format of a video file using unreliable software can corrupt the file. It's crucial to use good software and check file compatibility before converting.

Software conflicts: If multiple programs try to use an MTS file at once, it can get corrupted. It's best to open the file with one program at a time.

Storage media degradation: Devices like hard drives or memory cards wear out over time. As they age, the files on them, including MTS files, can become corrupt. Regularly backing up and updating storage devices can prevent data loss.

To keep your MTS files safe, it's essential to understand these issues and use tools like the MTS Video Repair Tool to repair corrupt MTS video files if problems arise.

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Simple troubleshooting steps to repair MTS files

MTS files, like other digital video formats, can occasionally experience playback issues or corruption. Before diving into complex repair methods, it's beneficial to try some basic troubleshooting steps that could easily resolve minor glitches.

Note: Always create a backup of the MTS file before attempting any repair or troubleshooting method. It ensures that you have a fallback option in case things don't work out.

Re-download the MTS file: A sudden power failure or an unstable internet connection can interfere with video playback. If the download process gets interrupted, the MTS file might get corrupted. Deleting and downloading the file again may resolve the issue.

Convert MTS to another file format: Some media players may not support the MTS format. Converting the MTS file to a more common format like MP4 might make it playable in more media players.

Ensure your system has compatible Codecs: Codecs allow media players to interpret and play various video formats. If the system lacks the correct codec for MTS files, downloading a compatible one can help.

Try different media players: If the MTS file doesn't open in your regular media player, it might not support the MTS file format. Trying to open the file with alternative media players like VLC or Windows Media Player might work.

Scan for malware: Malware infections can cause issues with files and system functionalities. Running a full system scan with reliable antivirus software can detect and eliminate any threats that might be affecting the MTS file.

Update Video player: Outdated video players might lack the necessary support for newer file formats, including MTS. Updating the player to the latest version might include the required support for playing MTS files.

If these steps don't work, your MTS file might need the MTS Repair Tool. It's designed to repair corrupt MTS video files, addressing deeper issues.

How to repair MTS video files?

MTS files are known for their high-quality content, but they can sometimes face corruption issues. Repairing corrupt MTS video files may seem challenging due to their complexity, but there are effective solutions available. One common method involves using the VLC media player, which is easily accessible and can handle minor glitches. However, for more severe or complex damages, it's best to opt for specialized tools. One such reliable option is the SysCurve MTS Repair Tool. This software is specifically designed to repair MTS files and address intricate problems that general tools might miss. By choosing the right method and tool, restoring your MTS videos becomes much easier.

Method 1: Repair MTS files using the VLC Media player

In this method, we'll use VLC Media Player to fix minor issues with MTS files. VLC is a versatile media player that's capable of handling a variety of video formats and can often resolve minor corruption problems in video files. The process involves changing the file extension and adjusting VLC's settings to facilitate the repair.

Note: Before making any changes, it's important to create a backup of your original MTS file. This ensures that you have a fallback option if the repair process doesn't work as expected.

  1. Make a copy of the original MTS file
  2. Right-click on the corrupted MTS file.
  3. Select the 'Rename' option from the context menu.
  4. Change the file extension from .mts to .avi. For example, if your file is named video.mts, rename it to video.avi.
  5. Press the Enter key to save the change.
  6. In the VLC window, go to the 'Tools' menu.
  7. From the dropdown, select 'Preferences'.
  8. In the Preferences window, choose the 'Input/Codecs' tab.
  9. Look for the section labeled 'Damaged or incomplete AVI file'.
  10. In the dropdown menu next to it, select 'Always Fix'.
  11. After making this selection, click on the 'Save' button to apply the changes.
  12. Now, try playing the renamed file (now with .avi extension) in VLC.
  13. VLC will attempt to repair the file as it plays.

This method is generally effective for minor corruptions. If your MTS file has more severe issues, you might need to use a more advanced MTS video repair tool.

Method 2: Repair MTS Video files using the MTS Repair tool

If your attempts at manually repairing MTS files don't yield results, or if you're looking for a straightforward and efficient solution, the SysCurve Video Repair tool is an excellent choice. This powerful software is specifically designed to address and correct glitches in MTS videos. It's not limited to just MTS files; it also effectively repairs a variety of other video formats such as MP4, FLV, and MOV. A notable feature of SysCurve is its free trial version, allowing users to repair their videos and preview the results before committing to the software.

To repair corrupt MTS video files, follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install the SysCurve MTS Repair tool.
  2. Launch the software and click on the Add File option
  3. Select the MTS file you want to repair and click on the OK button.
  4. Select the uploaded file and click on the Repair button
  5. Once the repair process gets complete, click on the preview option to view the video.
  6. Select the repaired file you want to export and click on the Save Repaired File button.

By following these steps, you can effectively repair your MTS video files using the SysCurve MTS Video Repair Tool, making it a reliable option for those needing a more advanced solution than manual repair methods.

Other helpful features

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  • Preview the repaired video file before saving
  • Fix all major and minor video issues.
  • Provide a free demo version
  • Supports major media players
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and earlier

Frequently asked questions

How do I open MTS files?

You can open MTS files using VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player, or other media players like Roxio. If you encounter compatibility issues, consider converting the MTS file to a more universally supported format like MP4.

What should I do if my MTS file is corrupted?

If your MTS file is corrupted, start with manual repair methods like renaming the file extension and using VLC Media Player for repair. For more complex issues, use a specialized tool like the SysCurve Video Repair Tool, which effectively repairs MTS files and supports other formats too.

Which tool is best for repairing MTS files?

The SysCurve MTS Repair Tool is highly recommended for repairing MTS files. It's known for its efficiency and also allows users to preview the repaired video before saving.

Why are MTS files typically larger in size?

MTS files are high-definition videos with a high bitrate and resolution, leading to larger file sizes. You can use compression tools or convert them to another format like MP4 to reduce the size, but be aware of potential quality loss.

MTS vs. MP4: Which is better?

The choice between MTS and MP4 depends on your needs. MTS is preferred for high-resolution quality in professional videography, especially with certain camcorders. MP4, on the other hand, is more versatile and widely compatible, making it better for general use and sharing.

How can I convert MTS files to another format?

To convert MTS files to formats like MP4, MOV, or AVI, use conversion tools like the SysCurve Audio & Video Converter. These tools maintain the quality of the video while ensuring broader compatibility.

Can I edit MTS files using standard video editing software?

Yes, you can edit MTS files using standard video editing software. However, due to their high resolution, a powerful computer system is recommended for smooth editing.

What are common causes of MTS file corruption?

MTS file corruption can occur due to sudden power outages, incomplete file transfers, bad sectors on storage devices, virus attacks, or software conflicts. Understanding these causes can help in both prevention and repair.

Is it safe to use online tools for repairing MTS files?

While online tools can be convenient, they may pose security risks. It's safer to use reliable desktop-based repair software like the SysCurve MTS Video Repair Tool.

The final word

MTS files are well-regarded for their superior video quality. But like all digital files, they can get corrupted due to several reasons, from sudden power glitches to clashing software. Thankfully, tools like the SysCurve MTS Repair Tool are designed to repair corrupt MTS video files. This MTS Video Repair Tool is specifically tailored for these types of issues, ensuring your videos are restored to their original state. It's crucial for users to be aware of potential threats to their MTS files and the solutions available, like this tool, to repair MTS files. After all, every MTS video encapsulates invaluable memories worth safeguarding.

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